Pretty Bird Pottery


Our new product line for 2013!!

Our unique ornaments are individually handmade.  Each porcelain ornament is hand pressed, so no two are alike.  They are hand stained in the same finish as the wind chimes.  The ornament is hung from a red satin ribbon.  Approximately 3 1/2 inches across.  You can choose from a wolf, grizzly bear and cub, moose, grizzly bear, elk or buffalo motif on the front.  Each ornament is imprinted with the corresponding animal's tracks on the back.  The ornaments are available in brown, blue, green. (the glossy finish is no longer available)


Buffalo in brown

Grizzly Bear shown in brown

Grizzly Bear and Cub shown in grey
Buffalo shown in brown
Buffalo shown in blue
Moose shown in green
Moose shown in brown
Elk shown in green
Elk shown in blue
Wolf shown in brown
Wolf shown in grey